Floating "No Video Input" on power up.

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Floating "No Video Input" on power up.

Postby Steven Jacobs » Sun, Feb 28 2016, 7:15PM

Hi all, I am new to this site, so I thought I would post my cummunication issue and see what I get in responce

I am getting a floating "No Video Input" on power up. This Model 70 5-axis double ended spindle machine has a Super-Control 2nd gen console installed in a complete retro fit in the end of 2006.
I have removed the controller’s low voltage side panel and observed that the mother board appeared to not power up. This conclusion was from seeing processor fan not rotating and only 1 small red LED lit just over it adjacent to a 4 pin connector. I powered down and disconnected this 4 pin connector (I assume a power switch) and repowered (120vac only) and the motherboard powered up. But still had a floating "No Video Input".

Is this a power supply switching issue, a bad video card or something else?

I have now shut things down and am writing in the forum on a Sunday afternoon and will call service Monday AM.

I do not see much activity here in the 5-axis site so may need to repost in the 3 axis forum

Thanks in advance for any input or suggestions, Steve J.

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