So easy a 9 year old can use it.

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Mark McCallum
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So easy a 9 year old can use it.

Postby Mark McCallum » Sat, Mar 20 2010, 7:52AM

This program must be getting better.
After dinner my boy Alex saw me playing with Ecabs, I was trying to become more proficient at angling and moving walls.
He was curious and asked me to show him how to put in walls and load a few objects. Which I did for about 10 minutes. I then left him to it while I had a shower. When I returned this is the graffiti he had come up with.
Alex JPEG.jpg
Alex JPEG.jpg (42.26 KiB) Viewed 4685 times

My question is, If it so easy a 9 year old can do it, why it is taking me so long?
By the way, he said his room is in the A

Darren Harvey
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Re: So easy a 9 year old can use it.

Postby Darren Harvey » Sat, Mar 20 2010, 8:16PM

that's great, i even let my 4, and 6 year old boys loose on ecabs.

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Dean Fehribach
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Re: So easy a 9 year old can use it.

Postby Dean Fehribach » Mon, Mar 22 2010, 8:56AM

Hmmm, I got an 8-yr-old and a 10-yr-old. I may try your experiment....
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Keith Neal
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Re: So easy a 9 year old can use it.

Postby Keith Neal » Tue, Mar 23 2010, 9:47AM labor :wink:

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