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George Davidson
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AVG Program

Postby George Davidson » Fri, Dec 17 2010, 4:56PM

AVG Program
They keep asking me to upgrade I think the upgrade is about $49.99 or should I just stay with the free one :?: I tried there demo it was for 30 days.Saturday is the last day for the demo.I am not sure what the demo add I wanted to ask here I think alot of you us AVG
Thank You

Wally Schneeberger
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Re: AVG Program

Postby Wally Schneeberger » Fri, Dec 17 2010, 7:47PM

They still do have the free personal one but it is getting harder and harder to find it. I went to Avast the last year and have been happy with it but now I just changed over to Microsoft Security Essentials as it got very high ratings and I wanted to try it. FWIW JMHO.

Carl Hoover
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Re: AVG Program

Postby Carl Hoover » Sun, Mar 20 2011, 8:52PM

AVG is the best. The free version will do just fine for you unless you have a network and you want central control over such things. The full blown version which i have not tried sounds like it might be going the way of norton or mcafee, so much extra stuff it slows down your machine. As for the download AVG has been using http://www.download.cnet.com for most of there distribution, you should be able to find it there. just search "AVG free" from the home page

jason galbraith
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Re: AVG Program

Postby jason galbraith » Tue, Apr 05 2011, 12:00AM

Been using AVG for years, but tried to download a free version for 64bit win7 and no go. Downloaded Avast and installed it. Pretty impressed. Might skip AVG from now on.
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