Blind Dado VS Dowels

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Blind Dado VS Dowels

Postby FredHirsch » Tue, Feb 01 2011, 11:02AM

I'm curios as to who all is using what for joints. We do a lot of the KD fasteners but a number of our products are shipped assembled and I find myself re-thinking what we are doing. I don't have the case clamp or boring machine for dowels. Right now, we mostly do full dado and then screw from outside. I do have a THM machine that cuts most everything. The reason I'm looking to change is we do a lot of Particle board, assemble then laminate after assembled to hide fasteners, and I sure would like to be cutting pre-laminated and save the extra steps. Specifically my question is strength of the two joints and speed of assembly. Clamp time?
Fred Hirsch

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Re: Blind Dado VS Dowels

Postby JohnLashuay » Tue, Feb 01 2011, 2:05PM

Hi Fred,

We use 2 sided melamine for most of our cabinets. We usually KD the backer and we'll blind dado the top and deck. Usually we use a pilot hole when the cabinet isn't an open cabinet - this helps in assemble with less clamping. Open sided cabinets we'll use clamps in the assembly. We have found this to be a very strong cabinet and relatively a fast assembly.

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Michael S Murray
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Re: Blind Dado VS Dowels

Postby Michael S Murray » Wed, Feb 02 2011, 4:45PM

Hi Fred, we use blind dados and screw everything that does not show.
If it shows it just gets glue and clamped.
When we get ready to assemble we just pull out everything with finished ends and clamp them up first.
This is only for commercial,residential gets finished ends, either flat or raised panels, so all residential with very few exceptions can get screws.
This is one of the reasons so many of us our pressing for assembly screw holes that travel with the dado.

With that said, I have been in consideration of going back to dowels.
The dado's do increase machine time and introduce a few problems, but none that cant be dealt with.
If I had proper dowel drilling and insertion, I would definetly be looking at that.

Are you confused now??
Mike Murray
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