Hanging Base Cabinets

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John J. Desmond
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Hanging Base Cabinets

Postby John J. Desmond » Sat, Jan 18 2014, 4:10PM

What would be the safest depth of a hanging base cabinet so as not to have to use feet? The customer wants hanging cabinets because they don't want their base molding disrupted. They will hang about 8" off the floor. This is for a basement storage/kitchen area.


Mark McCallum
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Re: Hanging Base Cabinets

Postby Mark McCallum » Mon, Jan 27 2014, 6:26PM

Hi John.
we have hung many cabinets without legs.
Mainly vanities with reconstituted stone tops with a depth of 22 to 24" and a back height of 16" to 24". So a fair bit of weight.
Many vanities don't have the advantage of a corner wall to fix to
The higher your back in relation to your depth the stronger it is.
we use frame less construction with 5/8" particle board backs. screwed and glued.
Touch wood, I have never had a call back.
As long as you securely fix your top rail to the studs you shouldn't have a problem. Also any corner unit will strengthen things up.

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