What type of equipment is being use in cabinet door shops?

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Scott Marshburn
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What type of equipment is being use in cabinet door shops?

Postby Scott Marshburn » Mon, Jun 16 2014, 12:54PM

We are a 6 man shop currently supplying 1 descent sized and 3 to 5 small shops as well as our own with five piece and Mdf doors. Our production right now is around 100 or so doors in 5 business days. Although not every 5 business days. The owner is looking at increasing our customer base for outsourced doors. He has given me the job of doing some research on what type of equipment we would need to invest in to increase our production to 500 plus doors with a 5 day turn around. He is especially interested in an automated type shape and sand door machine. We currently use a Unique 250 for rails, stiles and panels. The panels are glued up on a clamping table using bare clamps and a homemade flatting system. The panels are sized with a table saw and / or chop saw. They are sized to thickness with a 20 inch plainer and a timesavers 36 inch wide belt sander (single head). The doors are assembled With a JLT door clamp and pined. Then they are sanded with the wide belt, edge sanded with an edge sander and the outside profile is done on a 3 horse shaper. They are then polished sanded with DA sanders. All of our MDF doors are done on our Thermwood Cnc router.
What I would like to find out is what type of equipment are some of the door shops out there using that are turning out this type of volume.

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Kerry Fullington
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Re: What type of equipment is being use in cabinet door shop

Postby Kerry Fullington » Thu, Jun 19 2014, 10:17AM


HERE is a link to the shop tour at Texas Doors. It might give you some ideas.

In our shop we do mostly mitered doors. Rough lumber is cut on a straight line rip saw then then processed through a four head molder to profile the door stock.
The door stock is cut to length for stiles and rails using a Whirlwind up cut saw with a Tigerstop fence. The Stiles and rails are processed using a Bacci end tenoner to cut the miters, splines and dowel holes. Our panels are glued and clamped on a Taylor rotating clamp. Panels are sized using a table saw and Omga Radial Arm.
We have three JLT clamps to assemble doors.
Doors are sanded first through a Timesaver three head sander (100, 120, 150 grit) then through a Kundig two head (180, 220 grit) Any cross grain is sanded using DynaBrade random orbit sanders and finally they are passed through a Quickwood sander to even the scratch pattern for finish.
Finishing is done using a Cefla reciprocating spray machine.

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