Don't gimme any lip!

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Jeremy Schiffer
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Don't gimme any lip!

Postby Jeremy Schiffer » Thu, Sep 25 2014, 2:50PM

...and there is NONE on double-pass parts anymore! With CN 5.79, the new "climb 1st pass, conventional 2nd pass" feature for double pass parts has completely eliminated that annoying little lip that was always left. Now, the small parts have just as nice an edge as the large ones. Awesome.

And the single-pass dado is a nice surprise too... MUCH faster.

Kudos to Thermwood! :beer:

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Bryan Sullivan
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Re: Don't gimme any lip!

Postby Bryan Sullivan » Tue, Oct 21 2014, 9:31AM

Finally got to install CN5.79, and love the new double cut feature! In my book this is the best improvement since combining flip ops. No more recutting drawer parts that moved or sanding off the "lip" on small parts. Thanks Thermwood!

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