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DeJuan C Sidders
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Postby DeJuan C Sidders » Mon, Oct 26 2015, 10:21AM

Does anyone have a suggestion for a quick change mounting plate to hold trim fixtures on our router. i am thinking of a base plate permanently mounted to the bed and then a plate that can be purchased to mount on each routing fixture for a quick change of part fixtures.

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Brad McIntosh
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Re: fixturing

Postby Brad McIntosh » Tue, Oct 27 2015, 7:43AM

Check out NEMI...

The beauty of this system is that with a full NEMI GRID mounted on your table, you can always run a D-SEAL around the outer perimeter, remove all the plugs and place a full SPOILBOARD on top in order to continue to use the machine as a full table nesting solution. There are some adjustments to be made to the variables related to tool measurement, but once they are done - it is easy to switch between nesting and fixture based machining on the later model machines.

I did not see the product in Thermwood "store" but they may be able to assist you in acquiring the correct grid and accessories - as well as help with the small configuration changes to allow for the back and forth changeovers.
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