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Postby John J. Desmond » Tue, Dec 16 2008, 10:47PM

A marriage counselor once said that a woman's brain is like a bunch of wires all connected and every thought is connected to every other thought (emotions). He also said that a man's brain is like a bunch of little boxes that are neatly stored together without touching each other. In a man's brain there is one box called "the nothing box." This is the box that we men use a lot. We just like to sit and do nothing at times. We don't think of anything or attempt to think of anything. This box is used a lot when watching football, racing (which is my preference) or any other sport. I think that this "lounge" is a great spot to spend time in our nothing box. A place to just shoot the breeze or dump useless information we obtained during the day, much like I just wrote. :lol:

Great idea,

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