Rebellious bird

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Rebellious bird

Postby DanEpps » Thu, Dec 18 2008, 7:20PM

There was once a little bird who decided to rebel against tradition, and when it came time to fly south for the winter, he decided to stay behind. All the other birds flew south for the warmer weather, leaving him behind.

Of course, it wasn't long before the little bird discovered he had made a terrible mistake. Winter set in and it became very cold. So, he decided that he had better take off and fly south like his friends.

He started flying, but didn't get very far before the cold north wind began to freeze his wings, and he went plummeting down, down, down... He fell straight down from the sky, through an open hole in the rooftop of a barn, and directly into a fresh pile of cow manure.

Well, the warm manure thawed out his wings, and soon he was feeling good and began to sing. A cat heard the little bird singing, pulled him from the nice warm manure and ate him.

Moral: Whenever you end up in a pile of doo-doo it may not necessarily be a bad thing, everyone that pulls you out of a pile of doo-doo is not necessarily your friend and, if you’re happy in a pile of doo-doo…KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!

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Re: Rebellious bird

Postby Mike Bowers » Sat, Dec 20 2008, 1:19AM

Very true........ :lol:
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