Has this ever happen to you

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Gary Puckett
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Has this ever happen to you

Postby Gary Puckett » Tue, Aug 11 2009, 8:54PM

I am doing a bathroom for a very very good client. Well when we were in the cabinet phase of the project she decided on a color, gave her a sample ( yes it was a small piece of trim painted ) she liked it and said proceed. I painted the cabinets there is 2 sink bases, 2 drawer banks, a vanity, a separate drawer base with a top hutch. The cabinets were delivered and installed, she still is loving the color he husband also liked the color. So now we get the lime stone tops delivered and installed, I install the 2 vessel sinks.

Are you ready for this...................... she ( the client ) says " Gary can we talk about the cabinets" She wants to change the color :cry: just put it on my bill she says. The problem I have is what to charge her? I have to charge something, and it is a lot more work than painting it in the shop WHAT TO DO????????

Does anyone have any cheese, I like cheese with my wine :joker:

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Greg Smith
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Re: Has this ever happen to you

Postby Greg Smith » Wed, Aug 12 2009, 6:47AM

The job we are doing right now is just like that. The owner is always changing her mind. The kitchen has a small island in it that is into its third set of parts. The second set never even made it to the site. First white, then dark wood, finally white with a different wood and stone together. About $3k wasted. One vanity was installed, done, and she didn't like the sink, so the granite counter had to be re-done ($1500) plus new sinks. Next she didn't like the new sinks, or layout of the vanity so we take the cabinets back to the shop to re-do, get new mirror cut and order another granite counter. We installed the new cabinets and put on the second counter just so she can have a sink hooked up for the weekend. Well after the weekend she has decided that she really didn't mind those sinks that much so we will just modify the cabinets again to make this layout work. But the counter is already made..... Its gotten so every time I hear from the CG, 'its whats changed now'. And I'm not wrong often. This whole job is like that.
And this afternoon I'm going to see the owners sister about doing a kitchen for her, hopefully she's more decisive than her sister in-law.
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Peter Walsh
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Re: Has this ever happen to you

Postby Peter Walsh » Wed, Aug 12 2009, 10:27AM

I have a policy of "yes." I learned that years ago. I schooled myself to understand that any customer change is not my fault, or a comment on my work, but rather the customer's indecisions. I also learned that a significant amount of stress occurs within the client when they realize they have made a mistake and others now know it. I always assume the posture of:
"I understand and it's no problem. I'll take care of it but there will be an added charge which will be higher than what it is when in the shop since this is much more difficult to do in place, but we can do it. Would you prefer a professional painter to do this for you? I can arrange that." There are two opportunities here, one is to make more profit than you thought you would, the second is to hand it off to another trade person to exit the project if your schedule needs you to go. I always try to offer choices.
Anyway, my humble take on it.

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