Jack Daniels or Jim Beam

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Re: Jack Daniels or Jim Beam

Postby Josh Rayburn » Thu, Oct 29 2009, 7:41AM

Well, my favorite places on the planet are the Adirondacks and Australia, most enjoyed trip I can remember was down under - so I can only hope that you found the same up here in the states.
Brisbane has XXXX, the Adirondacks don't....Let me just say that the XXXX left an excellent impression 8)
I actually got to go to Brisbane for a week on business when I was a kid. What a trip- I managed to squeeze in a trip to the local zoo to see the koalas and pet the baby roos, and also got to a real footie game!
Anyhow, if you ever get back this way, the offer will always be good :)
Looking forward to hearing about your trip. There's nothing like a New Yorker that hasn't even seen the tourist attractions in New York - so there are places I haven't been that I'd sadly only get to by touring someone else around.... My Aussie associates actually came up to visit after my trip down there, so I was able to do a bit of touring around my own state once already, and would gladly do it again.
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