Looking for a tool for mitering

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Gary Puckett
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Re: Looking for a tool for mitering

Postby Gary Puckett » Sun, Dec 07 2008, 7:23PM


I have thanks for all your help. What I have to do is make the tool in Delta Cad save it as a dxf and bring it over to ecab. It still is touch and go on where the cutter is cutting into the part. I meen I know what edge the cuts going to be on it's just how to control the depth. Because sometimes it cuts right in the middle of the part.

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Re: Looking for a tool for mitering

Postby DanEpps » Sun, Dec 07 2008, 7:32PM

Plunge and offset...look back at the list I posted earlier on how they react when cutting from the bottom of a part.

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