Tool Length Measuring

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Tool Length Measuring

Postby James Lovell » Wed, Jun 17 2009, 8:54AM

I have an old Thermwood 80ES with the 91/9100 controller. We are just now starting to test the machine since we purchased it used. I have notice in the manual that there seems to be some kind of measurment stant that I do not have, to measure the tool length while it is inside the tool holder clamp. When I have typicaly measured tools on other routers, I would do a table touchoff. This machine seems to just want a variable plugged in as the length into the controller. My exact question is, where do I measure from to get the exact measurement of the tool. You start from the tip of the tool to where? The collet possibly, or maybe even the edge of the tool holder itself.

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Re: Tool Length Measuring

Postby Jean G Voyer » Wed, Jun 17 2009, 3:30PM


You have to go into the Thermwood Machinery Forum for this.
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