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Ingbert Kilian
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Profile Modeler

Postby Ingbert Kilian » Thu, Feb 11 2021, 8:00PM

Hi Everybody.

I am new in Profile Modeler and i would like to profile Doors with 45 degrees tool and also with the 1 inche boolnose tool. I can open the file in Profile Modeler and verify Toolpath but i can not write on CnC. I have always the message, An error occures while trying to creat the G code for Part.

What that it means and how can i fix that?

Thank you in advance!

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Brad McIntosh
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Re: Profile Modeler

Postby Brad McIntosh » Mon, Feb 15 2021, 4:04PM


Êtes-vous un ebeniste chez Loeven Morcel Inc. situé à Montréal, Québec, Canada?

Perhaps you should contact the Software Support Group at CNC Automation. We can try to assist you and, if necessary, possibly offer you some training to speed things up.


Êtes-vous un ebeniste chez Loeven Morcel Inc. à Montréal, Canada?

Vous devriez peut-être contacter le groupe de support des logiciels de CNC Automation. Nous pouvons essayer de vous accompagner et, si nécessaire, vous proposer des formations pour accélérer les choses.
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