Feed Speeds??

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Feed Speeds??

Postby Jason Rains » Mon, Nov 09 2009, 10:54AM

Hi guys, sorry if this has been answered before, I searched but didn't find anything. I need to cut through 1 3/4" solid oak. I need advice on feed speeds for those who have tried something similar. I have a Vortex 1660 1/2" Rough cut bit (3 flute) and Vortex 3160 Viper 1/2" Comp/ finish bit (2 flute). In addition to feed rates any advice on the amount of material removed on each pass would be appreciated. Thanks to all

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Re: Feed Speeds??

Postby Josh Rayburn » Mon, Nov 09 2009, 1:02PM

I have had good experiences cutting with a 1/2" 2 flute downcutter running at 18000 rpm and 200 inches / minute. Taking two passes should get it done. Depending on the shape, it's sometimes a good idea to cut outside the finished line on the first pass, so the second pass grazes a little off the whole outline and leaves a clean finish. Just a thought.
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