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Print to Window

Postby Thom Davies » Wed, Jan 13 2010, 7:18PM

How's it going?

Got CN 5.50 installed and went to go print to Window and an error came up saying "Error in shimgvw.dll" Missing entry : ImageView_fullscreen

Im running 5.05 build 9.

And im guessing this Print to window means that a screen of the nest comes up on screen of say the 1st sheet while its cutting out the 2nd one?
And if so could it be that after it cuts the 1st sheet it prints the labels out for that sheet while cutting out the 2nd sheet?

Also when an update of added things comes out can we have the manual come out @ the same time telling us how to get the most out these new features? Cos with 5.50 the manual doesn't tell me how to use any of the new things you have released!


Thom Davies

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Larry Epplin
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Re: Print to Window

Postby Larry Epplin » Thu, Jan 14 2010, 8:26AM

The Print to Window feature is in the manual. It is under Printing. Hit F1 to pull the manual up when running Control Nesting.

I believe you are experiencing this problem due to having a Window's 2000 control. Control Nesting is calling the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer for XP. We will get this addressed for the older controls in the next update. Until then you may view the print sheet images by looking in the following directory after nesting.

c:\Rolling Nest\SheetImages

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