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Rob Davis
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convert vector language

Postby Rob Davis » Tue, Jun 29 2010, 7:03AM

Can the machine convert "vector based files" and successfully machine them? The file is from an illustrator package. If so, how?
Also, it goes on a sign so any suggestions for machining hdu board would be helpful.

Dennis Palmer
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Re: convert vector language

Postby Dennis Palmer » Wed, Jun 30 2010, 3:56PM

Hello Rob,

Thermwood's Gen2 control should be able to nest and cut the files if they are a layered dxf. As for as how that's done, you'll need to contact our service dept and ask for a programming assistance.

When machining HDU board, most of the tooling developed to machine plastic works very well. Your tooling vendor may carry a line of tools specifically for machining plastic, if not, Thermwood may offer what you need.


Ryan Hochgesang

Re: convert vector language

Postby Ryan Hochgesang » Thu, Jul 01 2010, 9:52PM

Hi Rob,

Below is a link to Thermwood's on-line Control Nesting Manual. Here you can read about the Control Nesting software which is a standard option on the Thermwood control (THM version 5.05+). You will find specific information regarding dxf files and how to setup layer names for the nested base software. Once you've had a chance to look it over, give us a call (1800 221 3865) or email us( and we will be glad to further assist you.

Link: ... Manual.htm

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