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mark mcbride
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starting problems

Postby mark mcbride » Tue, Aug 03 2010, 7:49AM


when i start the machine for the day the cpu will not kick in until i hit the reset buttons (block stop, nc reset, feed hold) then it begins loading. the a/c unit starts and the lights on various boards light up but there is nothing on the monitor and the powersupply and processor fans do not start until after the reset. has anyone else had this problem?


Carl Jones
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Re: starting problems

Postby Carl Jones » Tue, Aug 03 2010, 8:57AM

Hello Mark, It could possibly be the motherboard, or timing issue during boot-up causing this issue. You may check the cmos settings in the bios screen. Have you changed any components before, or after this problem occurred? Give us a call in the service department to get the bios settings for your machine. 1-800-221-3865 or, email, Thanks
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Steve Detina
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Re: starting problems

Postby Steve Detina » Mon, Nov 15 2010, 8:40AM

Hey guys, we had the same issue going on for a while and could not figure out why. I though it might have been one of the updates but that was not the case. This weekend we did some maintenance on the machine and I noticed that the clock and date in windows was not correct. The small 3V battery for the motherboard was dead and so we replaced it. The boys at CNC automation were able to send me the specific BOIS settings for my machine and once I plugged in those setting everything worked great. It started with no problems. We also upgraded the RAM and it now seems to start a little faster and nest faster. So if you are having problems with starting and or your screen not turning on have a look at you clock to see if the correct time is there. I would just replace the battery every couple of years as a maintenance step. Hope this helps.



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