Drill Bank Faster

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Drill Bank Faster

Postby Thom Davies » Sun, Nov 06 2005, 9:59PM

Hey how's it all going?

I want to speed up the drill bank on the thermwood and wondering what speeds other users have them set to. Cos i find the drilling to be very slow now and want it to dart from hole to hole quickly to save time

Thanks for any ideas

Thom Davies

Ryan Hochgesang

Postby Ryan Hochgesang » Mon, Nov 07 2005, 8:51AM

Hi Tom,

Typically, a feedrate of approx. 150 IPM is used to plunge when drilling holes. Then, a rapid (G0) retract and index move can be used to reposition the machine. Note: If there is an M48 command active in the program, this will severly slow the rapid movements.

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