***IMPORTANT*** What to check on the cnc after a earthquake!

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Thom Davies
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***IMPORTANT*** What to check on the cnc after a earthquake!

Postby Thom Davies » Sun, Sep 05 2010, 9:10PM

Hey How u going?

Well we had a very big earth quake here in christchurch new zealand on sataday 4th of sep.

I just need to know what to check for on the cnc,


Thom Davies

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Paul Ford
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Re: ***IMPORTANT*** What to check on the cnc after a earthquake!

Postby Paul Ford » Mon, Sep 06 2010, 4:16AM

Hey Thom,
I hope everything is going ok down there for you all. My cousin is heading down that way in the next couple of days to help with assessing peoples houses and putting temporary props in place to hold houses together until everyone gets insurance etc sorted out.

As for the CNC, as long as all your drive belts etc were tight, everything should be ok (I think) You may need to check all your fuses and make sure none have shaken out and perhaps take all the drill bits out of the drill bank, re-tighten them and then re measure them. If your dust extraction floats across the machine in any way I would check all the small air lines going to your autolube etc as well. Also double check the machine for level, it sounds like the grounds there are pretty uneven in places after the quake.I'd also check the PC side of the control and make sure nothing has come loose and hanging down inside the cabinet.
Good luck bud, if I can do anything to help just let me know. My mobile if you need to contact me is 021 778 553 and I have it on me most of the time during the day

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