Deflection in Outline Cutting-Looking for Input Please!

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Re: Deflection in Outline Cutting-Looking for Input Please!

Postby Forrest Chapman » Wed, Oct 06 2010, 2:53PM

Hey Gary,

You may have lobbied a long time for this however I like so many other Thermwood owners have asked for this feature for many years (at least 4) and I AM miffed to find out someone with another brand router has this feature from Thermwood before us. I guess its up to Thermwood to explain themselves now.


Gary Campbell
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Re: Deflection in Outline Cutting-Looking for Input Please!

Postby Gary Campbell » Wed, Oct 06 2010, 6:45PM

I think the difference is that the programming crew, based on our user group input, was sure we could not cut accurate parts without it. Which is true. In your case, they may have assumed that you could. As they say, they are programmers and machine builders, not cabinetmakers. I wouldnt get too miffed, as you now know that it is possible. Please dont make me sorry that I posted something that I thought could benefit others.

I dont know the differences between tha CN and the ShopBot Link, but I am sure there are many. I am thankfull for all of you that have added value to the CN and therefore my Link operation. Maybe in the future some of you can do the same for our "underpowered" user group. All in all there is a good bunch of ingenious machinists using the SB Link. We do some good stuff with a lot less than you have, Hopefuly some day I can move up to your league.
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