Cutting holes in X and Y

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Thom Davies
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Cutting holes in X and Y

Postby Thom Davies » Mon, Nov 14 2005, 3:08PM

Hey hows it all going?

I am running RN 4.78 and when i want to cut out holes which are 36mm wide and if i nest it in Y axis when it cuts the hole it wil start on the outside of the hole then go to the middle and cut the rest of it out which makes a small disk in the middle which burned a patch in my waste board and it is a danger for the cutter as well BUT if i nest it in the X axis it starts in the middle and works it way out which is what i want to do. Why is this? Also if you have holes to be cut out on sevral sheets it will start on the frist sheet from the middle of the hole then on the next sheet it will start on the outside of the hole make another disc and more troble. This disc problem is a danger for me(running the thermwood) guys on the floor and a danger to it self as well. Oh yea my interpole diamater is 36mm.

Thanks for any help

Thom Davies

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Jason Susnjara
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Postby Jason Susnjara » Mon, Nov 14 2005, 3:25PM

Hi Thom,

Can you email me this job to


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