Positioning undersized sheet of material

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Positioning undersized sheet of material

Postby Margie Mullin » Fri, Nov 18 2005, 11:09AM

Probably a very simple question for you experienced users out there...

I defined a sheet of material in my library with dimensions of 24\" X 97\" and specified it to be used in a small cabinet I designed. When we nest it on the Thermwood, it is positioned on the far side of the table: looks like a 24\" offset from G901. I can't find any reference to an offset setting and I'm curious why it doesn't position the sheet (no matter what the size) with one corner at G901.

Thanks for your help figuring this out!

Margie Mullin

Ryan Hochgesang

Postby Ryan Hochgesang » Fri, Nov 18 2005, 11:44AM

Hi Margie,

The Control Nesting graphics screen will always show the material nested in the corner closest to \"Home\" of the machine, even if your G901 location is in the corner of the table diagonal to \"Home\". When you set the G901 position in the M999 to be the position diagonal from home, you should also have selected the \"x shift\" \"y shift\" in the SETTINGS of Control nesting. When the CNC code is written after nesting the job, the control will write the x and y shift in the header of the program, which puts the origin of the program to the corner of the sheet closest to the machine's home, by the length and width of the material being used.

I hope this has clarified your what your seeing.

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