Auto lube on table rails not functioning well

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Eric Sooy
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Auto lube on table rails not functioning well

Postby Eric Sooy » Wed, Mar 21 2012, 2:51PM

My table rails don't seem to be getting enough oil. When I unplug the hose on the exit side of the oiler reservoir, I do see a light mist being blown out of the port. I have also taken off the 1/8" tube from the manifold and blew compressed air into it to clear them out. Still there seems to be hardly any oil buildup on the bearings (in contrast to the gantry bearings and lead screw which have plenty).

A long time ago I added a separate regulator for the axis 1 rails and lead screw because 8 lbs. was giving me too much mist cloud. So I turned up the regulator for the table rails and lead screw up to 20 lbs. and it still does not seem to be pushing out enough oil. I can hear the air hissing out of the bearings so it's not blocked (so it seems). Suggestions? I did tear apart the oiler and everything seemed ok. I've check airflow at every tube up to the manifold under the table. I guess the only thing I haven't done is take off the 1/8" connector that attaches to the bearings.

Daniel Vonderheide
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Re: Auto lube on table rails not functioning well

Postby Daniel Vonderheide » Thu, Mar 22 2012, 7:21AM

Check the oiler to see how often it drips oil. It should drip one drop every 2 to 5 seconds. If it is not, adjust the set screw for the oil, not the air. You may also want to turn your air pressure back down to the original pressure before you check this. If you need more information, contact our service department. 1-800-221-3865.

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Re: Auto lube on table rails not functioning well

Postby BenRatt » Tue, Mar 27 2012, 10:50PM

What fixed it for me was a pinched air line. Also opened the mister wide open for a day and it seemed to flush everything out and then backed it down to 1 drop every 5 secs
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