x axis error

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Alex Bowler
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x axis error

Postby Alex Bowler » Wed, May 16 2012, 3:55AM


I need to cut a part that is right at the edges of the sheet (I can only leave 2 mm each side) and i am getting a x axis out of bounds error at machine.
I have the nest to edges option selected and a collar of 2mm, when I graph the job no error comes up, it will start cutting then stop and the
X axis error will come up. I assume it is to do with the part being at the edge of the bed but I have to keep it at that size and i cannot see any
Physical reason for it not to be able to.

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Thom Davies
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Re: x axis error

Postby Thom Davies » Wed, May 16 2012, 2:43PM

In Ecabinets set the material to be bigger than it really is, e.g 1225mm wide and 2445 Long etc.

Also you dont want to have a 2mm collar as that moves the panels in 2mm from the edge and with nest to edge it kinda like a double negative.

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