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Operator Training

Postby FredHirsch » Thu, May 31 2012, 1:04PM

I would like to ask a general question of the machine owners group how you handle training new operators and what are your expectations of them. Do you load the jobs for them and let them just push the green button all day long, or do you expect complete command of the machine, maintenance etc? ... or somewhere in between. I realize this is pretty open ended but I'm re-evaluating how we are operating and am trying to get a feel for how everyone else is doing this.
Fred Hirsch

jason galbraith
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Re: Operator Training

Postby jason galbraith » Thu, May 31 2012, 4:06PM

For us it means that they are given a list of jobs, they load the jobs, add extra pieces to a job nest to achieve sheet optimisation of around 90%. They are totally responsible for machine maintenence and complete maintenence logs. Changing and setting up tools. Keeping control of waste material. Should do more but thats coming :)
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Rob Davis
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Re: Operator Training

Postby Rob Davis » Fri, Jun 01 2012, 6:19AM

Fred, we are a small shop with only 14 employees. My operator and I share cutting duties and he cuts >75% and I cut some depending on how busy we are. My operator is responsible for all maintenance, greasing, filling oilers, housekeeping, etc. He also keeps tools sharp and changed as necessary. We do a lot of tool changes as we do lots of parts for other people that are not cabinet parts and require different tool set ups. (We have a 4 bar changer and my $5000 dream is 7 bar changer) My guy also takes twd file and does all of it from there. he is really responsible and fanatical about keeping machine clean so big plus there. We usually consult about anything out of the ordinary just to keep us both in the know.

Michael Kowalczyk
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Re: Operator Training

Postby Michael Kowalczyk » Thu, Oct 04 2012, 11:28PM

What do you feel is a fare wage for those responsibilities?
Do you have a non compete with them?

My guy, that just came up the ladder, know's how to load the files, training him on changing tooling, they do maintenance but I keep the password. This way I can keep an eye on it and know the machine history personally. We are a little different than a cabinet shop. We can load a program and cut 1 job (hundreds of sheets) for days on a dedicated spoil-board, so not a lot of change over of job files. Ecab is a very minor part of the business. I know different parts of the country have different wages per cost of living and available talent from pool of employable people looking for work. Any body can be trained to push a button but common sense and mechanical ability is always a plus.
Michael Kowalczyk, GM

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