Nest from last sheet to first

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jason galbraith
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Nest from last sheet to first

Postby jason galbraith » Wed, Oct 17 2012, 4:04PM

Hi there. Is it possible to nest from the last sheet to the first? I've got a situation arisng where the first sheets are all large pieces and require little edging ( might be backs etc) and the operator is standing around, but by the time it gets to the last few sheets there are lots of pieces and he gets overwhelmed edging and is normally edging a job long after the machine has cut all the pieces ( draw fronts are especially time consuming). If the nesting order was reversed, then he is doing all the small pieces of edging first and by the time he gets to the large pieces he will have caught up.
We are really trying to push for more output from the machine and every little bit helps.
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Daniel Odom
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Re: Nest from last sheet to first

Postby Daniel Odom » Wed, Oct 17 2012, 4:17PM

You could insert a "go to mo2" at the end of every sheet, then manually load up the sheet number you want every time; print the labels in reverse. You'd have to do a good job of keeping track of what sheet you were on though; shouldn't be that big of a deal unless you're running 100's of sheets a day.

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