Does anyone have a Model C42 with 2-5x5's and/or 2 spindles?

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Michael Kowalczyk
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Does anyone have a Model C42 with 2-5x5's and/or 2 spindles?

Postby Michael Kowalczyk » Thu, Dec 01 2005, 5:50PM

We just bought one and wanted to ask a few questions about programing, Vaccum, Dust collection, switching from table \"Y\" to \"V\" and back to \"Y\", and a few others. I would appreciate any assistance.

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Brad McIntosh
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Model C42 with 2-5x5's and/or 2 spindles

Postby Brad McIntosh » Tue, Dec 27 2005, 10:23AM


IF this is a new machine purchased directly from Thermwood, I am sure that someone from Thermwood has probably addressed this with you (or you have had training).

But, just to give an overview:

1. In order to \"shuttle\" between the Y and V tables, you would use a redirect command. The syntax for the table redirect would be: \"G26YV\"
The program itself would be written with X,Y and Z axis references throughout. This command tells the control to redirect or translate all references to the Y axis over to V instead. You would also activate either a fence location or other part reference that has coodinates on the V table (eg. M901 or M902).

To \"reset\" things back to the Y table, you would call a \"G27\" to cancel the table redirect and would also switch back to a reference point on the Y table (eg. G901 or G902)

2. Usually, a two head machine is used with the heads \"tied\" together; the second head (W) being a \"slave\" to the first/\"master\" head (Z). The axis tie command for your two heads would be \"G61ZW\".

With recent machines, It is important to issue this command first, then the reference to the tool on the \"slave\"/W head and then the tool reference on the \"master\"/Z head. The control will automatically \"level out\" the heads if there are tool daylight differences. (The tool numbers being called on Z and W are pre-configured in the control with a \"link\" betwwen them, as tool changes always occur simultaneously on both heads.)

The program itself is written with a Z axis references and after issuing the above commands the second head follows the master of Z axis.

The \"Axis Tie\" command can be turned off with a \"G60\" call.

** The second/\"W\" head can also be used independantly by using a G26ZW call and then referencing only the W axis tool number.

>> All of the above is assuming a fairly recent machine. Please check with you manual and/or Thermwood.

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