Machine seems to be out of level

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Scott Marshburn
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Machine seems to be out of level

Postby Scott Marshburn » Tue, Dec 11 2012, 6:36PM

Our machine seems to be out of level when we fly cut our waste board and flip it left to right the through cut scores are deeper on the 901 corner and almost 0 on the adjacent corner could someone outline the proper way to get It back to level. Thanks!
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Brad McIntosh
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Re: Machine seems to be out of level

Postby Brad McIntosh » Tue, Dec 11 2012, 6:45PM


Resurface the top of your main SPOILBOARD first. This will "level" out the work envelope. Then resurface your WASTEBOARD. Since the SPOILBOARD is now "leveling" things, your newly resurfaced WASTEBOARD should be flippable, rotateable, etc due to it's new uniform thickness. (Humidity caused variations excluded.)

Hope this helps.

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Georgi Baltov
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Re: Machine seems to be out of level

Postby Georgi Baltov » Fri, Dec 14 2012, 10:32AM

I resurfaced our nemi tables about two weeks ago for the same reason

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