Profile modeler feature request please!!!

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Forrest Chapman
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Profile modeler feature request please!!!

Postby Forrest Chapman » Sun, Jan 06 2013, 3:39PM

I know there are so many things that are on the list of fixes or changes but this one feature can make a huge difference in machining time, quality of surface and tool path calculation load. We need a setting that allows all horizontal surfaces to be machined with a flat end mill and maximum stepover. This feature can also have a check box for machining as part of the hogging operation or as a separate one. Forrest

Ray Jorgensen
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Re: Profile modeler feature request please!!!

Postby Ray Jorgensen » Mon, Jan 07 2013, 4:42PM


You can get that done now, just takes one more step. Make a l shaped tool that extends a little more width of the flat area. Apply this tool from the opposite edge as your profile. When you take this to the profile modeler you will have another region that you can assign the end mill and step over.

Hope that helps.

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