Cut thru depth wrong

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Dave Burtchell
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Cut thru depth wrong

Postby Dave Burtchell » Mon, Feb 25 2013, 5:36PM

We use a shop made grid table to process our solid wood parts. Our solid wood tooling group is set up to leave a .062 skin which is enough to hold the vacuum and keep the part on the table. Occasionally, we get an error in the code that makes the outline cut at.010 cut through. This of course makes the part lose vacuum and move, which results in a bad part. It also puts a ding in our beautiful grid table. We can then re-nest the part, write the cnc file and it will be ok. We've sent the files and exports to THM, but they can never recreate the problem. The only tool group that uses a .010 cut through is the plywood group. so it seems that the control nesting is picking up settings from a different group.

We now look at the code for the outline cut as a precaution, but this is not an answer. Any suggestions? It's a CS40 still running windows 2000. Latest CN updates


Daniel Odom
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Re: Cut thru depth wrong

Postby Daniel Odom » Mon, Feb 25 2013, 9:19PM

I can confirm that I have had similar problems where some material group settings are applied to other groups (tabs). Only when using multiple materials; if there is only one material everything works as it should. Right now I just ignore group settings in the control parameters when dealing with multiple materials. Tool groups work fine.

Zach Froble
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Re: Cut thru depth wrong

Postby Zach Froble » Tue, Feb 26 2013, 12:47PM

I just had a problem with cut through depth and we figured out it was because we were changing the material thickness while creating the twd. Might be something you could check.
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