Thermwood 42 multi-purpose

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Thermwood 42 multi-purpose

Postby Ricky E Beck » Tue, Feb 26 2013, 7:59PM

Just curious if theres chance that offset fixture can be adjusted on u bed in x axis i've tried every thing the graph moves but the part don't.I can adjust y axis on this bed.X bed follows what i tell it.this has got me stumped. :wall:

Pete Riddle
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Re: Thermwood 42 multi-purpose

Postby Pete Riddle » Thu, Feb 28 2013, 8:58AM


You may need to review the Supercontrol manual. If you are trying to move a part that normally runs on the X table to the U table you will need to establish an new Fixture Offset that contains the U & Y position (not the X &Y). After that, you call the axis redirect command (in your case G26XU). At the next index move the machine should relocate to the U table. At the end of your cut sequence on the U table, call a G27 to cancel the axis redirect before sending the machine home. It is IMPORTANT to call the offset poistion before calling the axis redirect.

Hope this helps!
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