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pocket Clean up Help

Postby Rob Davis » Wed, Jun 12 2013, 2:58PM

I am needing to make a lid that lays in the top. I can do it on eCabs and it does cut it but it does not clean up the edges so that the lid fits. I created a pocket over the cutout with a different radius corner so it has a catch. I have emailed Thermwood but thought this might get me a quicker answer. The tool it is selecting for this is 1/2". There are other smaller diameter tools that could be used and I assume it would go farther intot he cut and leave less but I want ti to clean it all out. Below are pictures of the eCab version which is exactly what I need. Then there are 2 pics of the actual result which shows the issue. The pencil lines you can see in actual ones are where it is supposed to clean out to make lid fit.
Any ideas?
Box Lid eCabs.jpg

Box Lid Actual.jpg

Box Lid Actual Close up.jpg

Thanks in advance.

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