Suggested Profile Modeler Settings for Trim?

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Daniel Odom
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Suggested Profile Modeler Settings for Trim?

Postby Daniel Odom » Wed, Sep 18 2013, 1:26PM

Hi, I've just recently run into a situation where I need to use the profile modeler in Ecabs/Control Nesting and was wondering what some good settings would be for doing some trim parts. I have a 3/8",1/4" and 1/8" ball-nose as well as down-shear cutters and just want to know what a good step value would be for roughing and finishing with those tools available. If anyone has any experience with this it would be much appreciated. Thanks.

profile 1.JPG
example 1

example 2

Will Williamson
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Re: Suggested Profile Modeler Settings for Trim?

Postby Will Williamson » Thu, Sep 19 2013, 4:36PM

I always use the largest diameter tool that will fit the profile. To rough with the 3/8 ball I usually step over 1/2 the dia and step down 1/2 the Dia. at 500 IPM and finish with the 1/4 " use .02 or.03 stepover at 400 ipm
on those small profiles you have I would be running from 3 to 4 hundred IPM and worry about running too slow. I prefer to run at 750 IPM with 1/2 " tool

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