Z axis retracting problem

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Joe Filipcic
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Z axis retracting problem

Postby Joe Filipcic » Mon, Jun 23 2014, 4:15PM

Hi Everyone, I'm hoping someone on the forum here can help.
The last better part of a week we have been having problems running our Cabinet 40.
The just it, at some point, after cutting, after the z-axis moves up to either move to a new location or to home, the machine with go into e-stop.
I am getting a bunch of different error codes in the plc. The pictures are attached.
Last week we had a tech out and he along with help from Thermwood determined it was either a temp sensor on the fan (which was replaced 2 years ago) or the temp sensor on the HSD unit. We installed a new fan today and had the same error. As well, we jumped the temp sensor wire and again the same error.
Speculation is, that it is a 24 volt problem. But where. I have looked inside and out and could not find a loose wire.
As I mentioned before, the machine only goes into e-stop when the z-axis retracts
Of course we are busy and can's afford to have the machine down.
Any help would be greatly appreciated

Daniel Odom
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Re: Z axis retracting problem

Postby Daniel Odom » Mon, Jun 23 2014, 6:55PM

Check your pop up pins, I've had the sensor on them come loose before so even though the pins were going up and down the machine "thought" they were still up which throws the machine into e-stop.

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