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Macro program

Postby Darin Vance » Tue, Sep 23 2014, 2:47PM


We have a few Thermwood 45 3 axis routers and we use Mastercam and eCabinets.

We would like to make a marco program for our thickness and dia dado changes. This would be for material that is varying in thickness so we don't have to reprogram the whole sheet.

(1) We would write a macro that takes a value input by the operator to a user settings page on the control that adjusts G55 Z. and a Cutter Diameter Offset value by 1/2 the same amount. The value input would be the incremental sheet thickness adjustment.

(2) In our Cad/Cam software, we will program using two different tool planes (work offsets) Top of Stock G55, Bottom of Stock G54, use the Top of Stock G55 for operations that need to “move” based on material thickness.

(3) Then we will set up the dado tools to use a special cutter diameter offset number that gets adjusted by the macro. The lead in/out moves will need to be => 1/2 the adjustment value.

The macro could reside in the controller as a sub program that gets called by the post file.

Can this be done? If so what would a Marco look like?


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