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Offcut usage

Postby Neville Bastian » Sat, Jun 27 2015, 3:37AM

We love the use of offcuts in the library of common used materials mainly for carcass construction but we tend to have a lot of material left over from seen face jobs and packing sheets. These are a rainbow of colours.We tend to use these up for drawer box backs, bottoms, undercounter oven sides and bottoms plus a few other unseen area's. I would like to say I do this to save land waste but the truth is I can save a few bucks using waste and not A grade board. The problem I have is if the sheets are full sheets, then its easy to cut the parts but when you have say 3 @ 400mm wide parts which would make a a 1200mm 48" sheets its too difficult to join those together. I know that there were puzzle joints used for the face frame construction. I wish this could be used to create joined material. It would be as simple as typing the waste sheets sizes and how many were side by side and the CNC does a outside trim then cuts a few puzzle cuts so they join together. This could then be given to a junior worker who runs some glue on the joining edges and push them together. I know this may be a low priority as I may be the only one tight fisted to do this but I thought I would put it out there. Maybe someone is already doing this with third party software but maybe someone in the programming area of CN would put it forward as a Thermwood feature? Heres hoping.


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