Ideas for future CN features

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Jeremy Schiffer
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Ideas for future CN features

Postby Jeremy Schiffer » Mon, Aug 10 2015, 2:21PM

I dunno if this is already on the "wish list" for CN or not, but it would save quite a bit of time if we had the ability to re-nest individual materials. For instance, a job may have 3 or 4 different materials. We get everything loaded and nested, and...look! We found a piece of off-fall. In order to add it, the entire job has to be nested again. If we could add a sheet and re-nest only the material that was added, that would save tons of time.

Also, if you could specify an X or Y nest depending on material, that would be awesome too. For example, if a job has melamine and plywood, the melamine parts may nest better in X, and the plywood may nest better in Y. If you could specify a nest direction for each material before performing the nest, that would be a material-saving addition! :mrgreen:

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David Giesbrecht
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Re: Ideas for future CN features

Postby David Giesbrecht » Wed, Oct 21 2015, 4:29PM

Another idea is a check box for profile modelling before everything else. While your at it maybe 5 or 6 mdf door tool passes per pcs to save going into profile modeller.

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