Out of space on control nest computer

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Dale Wills
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Out of space on control nest computer

Postby Dale Wills » Wed, Mar 02 2016, 4:08AM

I'm heading back to my old place of work tomorrow to machine out the joinery for my new house addition. I was told today that they have had an issue with their control nest computer being out of space on c drive. They can no longer send files over the network to the computer as they have exhausted all space required to store to file. To combat this they have been using a usb stick to run jobs off.
The biggest problem they are having is that they get errors every time they try and print out the nest orientation sheets (A4) to enable them to put their part labels on the correct part. It must have to use a little bit of storage to print.
What files would possibly have accumulated over the years that can be deleted?

thanks in advance

Marius Gouws
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Re: Out of space on control nest computer

Postby Marius Gouws » Fri, Mar 04 2016, 7:47AM

Good afternoon.
First they can try clean up the c: drive. Delete all temp files and internet files. Uninstall programs that is installed on the c: drive that they do not use anymore.

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