Rolling nest crash

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Rolling nest crash

Postby Nick M Singer » Tue, Jan 10 2006, 9:10AM

Firts of all happy New year all, hope you have a good one! I certainly intend to have one better than last year. Picked up a little problem in Rolling Nest on my first job using the latest release. When I try to nest a job using manually entered sheet sizes the system hangs. If I allow it to re-nest using full sheets it is fine.

Ryan Hochgesang

Postby Ryan Hochgesang » Tue, Jan 10 2006, 9:56AM

Hi Nick,

Happy New Year to you as well!

When creating a generic cabinet here in eCab, then manually adding sheet stock to nest parts in Control Nesting V4.87, I am having no problems. Please send me the .hsf file (if created cnc from one cabinet) or .esj file (if mutiple cabinets were placed in a room and nested). I would also like a copy of the following files from your control, so that I can try to reproduce the issue here with your settings:


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