Tenons & bit max. depth

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Jeremy Schiffer
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Tenons & bit max. depth

Postby Jeremy Schiffer » Wed, Dec 14 2016, 3:28PM

When cutting tenons of a certain thickness where the cutting depth is greater than the maximum depth specified for the tool, the result are the candy canes as per the attached photo.

When it returns to make the final depth pass, it does not do the candy cane.

Also, when moving from the end of the initial pass to the beginning of the next pass, it doesn't seem to be a G00 move.

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Clint Buechlein
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Re: Tenons & bit max. depth

Postby Clint Buechlein » Thu, Dec 15 2016, 3:37PM


Can you post an export of your settings please? Also if you have the code from these parts being created, as well as the non rapid issue so we can compare that would be great.


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