single sided material

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single sided material

Postby Thomas strembitsky » Thu, Jan 26 2017, 6:50PM

why when you are cutting single sided material and there are operations on the B side but nothing on the A side can't B side be face up?
your flipping the sheet for no reason.
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Re: single sided material

Postby Brad McIntosh » Fri, Jan 27 2017, 11:06AM


I would assume that the material is left as is so that there is a consistent material orientation for the operator when loading - namely "Side B Down Against the Table". If what you are asking were an option - and I think it would be a good "user selectable" option in Settings, then the operator would have to pay close attention to the "LOAD MATERIAL" messages/dialogs to insure that the material was loaded with the correct face up.

If using this possible option in "auto-loading" situations, one would have to review the material face orientations beforehand and pre-stack the bundle accordingly before starting the run.
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