Dust shroud/skirt alternatives

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Ian Richardson
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Dust shroud/skirt alternatives

Postby Ian Richardson » Sat, Jan 28 2017, 8:49AM

Hey guys, just asking if anyone has modified the dust shroud/skirt end of their dust collection to maximize dust collection.
The worst part of cutting MDF doors is when my half inch bit cuts the outlines of the doors and creates a massive rooster tail of MDF dust.
Are any of you guys having similar issues? Is there a quick fix? except for slowing the feed rate of the bit.
Love to here what you guys have done to fix everyday isssues.

Thomas strembitsky
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Re: Dust shroud/skirt alternatives

Postby Thomas strembitsky » Sat, Jan 28 2017, 2:55PM

the biggest thing we have done to cut down on dust is switch to 3/8 cutters for outline cuts and also having the tool sunk in a little bit more so the dust shroud is a little bit closer the panel when cutting
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Forrest Chapman
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Re: Dust shroud/skirt alternatives

Postby Forrest Chapman » Sun, Jan 29 2017, 12:27PM

Also use a non-mortised tool so you have a longer upshear. With a 2 flute 3/8" comp tool turning 18k rpm you should be cutting at least 650ipm. This will make bigger chips that don't pack up as bad. You can also skin everything and then make a final pass. This will help remove all the dust but will also cut down on tool life. Do you have a rubber or brush skirt?


Stuart Douglas
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Re: Dust shroud/skirt alternatives

Postby Stuart Douglas » Mon, Jan 30 2017, 2:04PM

I am also interested in this issue. It would seem to me that a 6" riser/dust shoe would restrict the flow much less. The 4" that's on the machine stock seems to restrict the volume of air that is pulling. It's moving pretty fast, but Ideally you want to move more volume, am I right? Maybe an integral compressed air puffer you could aim into the cut line too. Just a thought.

Will Williamson
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Re: Dust shroud/skirt alternatives

Postby Will Williamson » Tue, Jan 31 2017, 9:14AM

I have 3 brushes with 3 different lengths 1 inch for very short 1/8 and 1/4 inch tools
2 inch for regular nesting
And 4 inch for long and strong tooling 3/4" x 6"
And then if I am still having problems picking up, I will wrap a piece of Duct tape around the brush
Brushes came from Carr McMaster


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Chris Vokes
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Re: Dust shroud/skirt alternatives

Postby Chris Vokes » Wed, Feb 01 2017, 3:01PM

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