Nesting problems due to thickness

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Nesting problems due to thickness

Postby Gary Li » Sun, Jan 29 2017, 1:18PM

I have some nesting problems on the new machine.

First, the part is a rectangle with 3" X 5". If the outline is set to 1/4", I can nest it whatever I need. But the problem is that the part is 1.25" thick. No matter I use 4' X 10' or 4' X 4' material, or input a collar 1/2", the part is nested in the middle of the table. The position is fixed.

Second, the part is a star shape, which is about 20" diameter with 1.25" thick. I nest it on a 4' X 10' material. The nesting software doesn't pass it. The error says I can't nest it on this material. It doesn't make sense because the material is much bigger than the part.

There are more these issues on some other parts. The drawings has nothing wrong because the issues can be solved after I change the outline to less than 1". And I already cut some of them on the other same model machine. Both of the machines ran the version 5.94 of the control nesting software. The older one is basic on version 8 thm platform, the new one is basic on version 9 thm platform. I have updated the new machine to version 5.98, however the problems are not solved.

Many thanks in advance for any advice!

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