control nesting 6.06

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Thomas strembitsky
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control nesting 6.06

Postby Thomas strembitsky » Wed, Apr 11 2018, 4:57PM

I just noticed this when you open control nesting and go to settings > nesting parameters there is a new "group" box at the bottom but it is greyed out and unclick able. but if you open control nesting and then go edit > nesting parameters the box works.
greyed out box inside settings.PNG

going directly in it works.PNG

side note it would be really nice to be able to pick the amount of zeros displayed after the decimal. for some reason in metric it doesn't take the direct number you punch in and I don't need 4 places behind the decimal for cabinetry work.
would be nice to be able to set the amount of digits after decimal place.PNG
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Re: control nesting 6.06

Postby Larry Epplin » Thu, Apr 12 2018, 7:38AM

Hi Thomas. The group combo box is greyed out when accessing the Nesting Parameters from the Settings dialog. The group setting is determined on the Settings dialog when using that method to access Nesting Parameters. When using the Edit menu to access the Nesting Parameters, the group combo box is enabled (not greyed out) so it can be used to make the group settings determination.

We'll look into adding that setting for metric decimal numbers. Thanks!

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