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David Giesbrecht
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Profile modeler

Postby David Giesbrecht » Thu, Apr 26 2018, 4:48PM

Hi we are modeling a profile on the outside of a solid wood door. Currently the model starts in the center of the door and works towards the outside leaving narrow sliver that chips and splinters on the final pass. Does anyone know if there is a way to reverse that so it starts at the outside of the door and steps towards the center? Is it decided how you create the tool?
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Forrest Chapman
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Re: Profile modeler

Postby Forrest Chapman » Fri, Apr 27 2018, 7:39AM

Hi David, I'm pretty sure it always starts at the top of the profile and works its way down but there are some other factors too like tool direction. If its a single door can you do a climb pass around the outside first to remove that extra material?


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