Invalid Arc Error when cutting dovetails

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Alec Gordon
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Invalid Arc Error when cutting dovetails

Postby Alec Gordon » Thu, Jun 28 2018, 1:00PM

I've seen this error several times now where I have a J0.0000 command in the male dovetail routing section of my program. Has anyone else seen this before? Could it be as simple as changing some of my tool diameters? Any info is appreciated.

I've been trying to dial in my dovetail settings after recently taking the plunge on the dovetail bit, so there's still some trial and error. This is my most recent attempt. I'm getting pretty close to the correct height by changing the crush depth to 0.08, but am still seeing issues with the width. How would I go about adjusting this and is it coming from my dovetail bit(0.375" in CN) or the male dovetail 1/4" straight bit (0.25" in CN)? Any help is appreciated. I'm cutting drawers from 1/2" baltic birch, which is sized at 0.485" with all the other standard dimensions spelled out for dovetails.


Dovetail Fit 2-min.jpg
Dovetail Fit 1-min.jpg
Invalid Arc Error small.JPG

Forrest Chapman
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Re: Invalid Arc Error when cutting dovetails

Postby Forrest Chapman » Fri, Jun 29 2018, 10:40AM

Set your 1/4" tool to .249".


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