Tool lockout sw. Siemens IR Module Fault

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Tool lockout sw. Siemens IR Module Fault

Postby Kim Dang » Fri, Aug 02 2019, 11:21AM

Hi all,
I have a C40 Thermwood, running 91000 supper control nesting
We have had the same problem for more than a week but so far nobody can solve it. Thats why I'm here seeking for your help.
When I tried to start the machine, it says something about thm.exe issue. We called Thermwood they said first, it was the voltage. We checked the voltage, it was ok. Then called them again, they said it was the hard disk. We changed the hard disk and another problem happened. The start button doesnt work. We tried contacting Thermwood again and they fixed through Teamviewer. After that they said we needed to have a technician to come to our place to check. The point is why didnt they send the technician from the beginning? Why lengthening the process?
We need to cut 30 kitchens so plz share your experience if you know

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