The surface knife doesnt recognize wasteboard thickness

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Kim Dang
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The surface knife doesnt recognize wasteboard thickness

Postby Kim Dang » Sat, Aug 17 2019, 3:01PM

Hi Everybody
Have you ever experienced anything like the pic attached?
The knife doesnt recognize the value of the wasteboard though being set up properly
Any help would be appreciated

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Brad McIntosh
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Re: The surface knife doesnt recognize wasteboard thickness

Postby Brad McIntosh » Tue, Aug 20 2019, 8:31AM

Kim - Your generation of THM control does not automatically incorporate the WASTEBOARD thickness into the DAYLIGHT adjustments.

That generation of THM control also does not have the built-in FLYCUT function found on the newer machines. That machine is running X-SURF provided by CNC Automation to Canadian owners of early model Thermwoods.

In both instances, changes have to be made to your older tool change macros as your machine was restored back to factory settings with the replacement hard disk drive.

I believe our CNC Automation Service Group has been in contact with your company and a technician may have been scheduled to assist you.
Brad McIntosh
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